about darren damonte

at saison, san francisco

Darren Damonte  Ceramic Artist Chef Lover of Good Food  

  1960 Born in New York, raised in California

  1979 Came to Japan as an exchange student
      Studied ceramic art with Banura Shiro

  1982 Established kiln in Shigaraki
      Worked with kohiki white slip and yakishime wood-fired techniques
      Numerous solo and group exhibitions and workshops in Japan, the United States, and Korea

  1995 Established the Yellow House Pottery in Iga
      Began “Damontei” pop-up events celebrating food and ceramic vessels
      Featured in NHK “Utsuwa Yume Kobo

  2010 Opened “bistro Damontei” in Omihachiman as a crossroads of food, vessels, love, and laughter. Sources local ingredients to present California cuisine on hand made ceramic vessels.
     Featured in Bungei Shunju, Amakara Techo, and others.
     Collaborates on food events with chefs and farmers from San Francisco and Portland. Travels frequently to the U.S. west coast and Italy to gather inspiration

2020 “bistro Damontei” moves to 160-year-old machiya in Shinmachi, Omihachiman. Opens craft chocolate shop and cafe “Damontei Chocolate.” Creates single origin chocolate bringing to life the unique qualities of cacao beans from around the world, as well as inclusion bars featuring local ferments such as miso and sakekasu, as well as locally grown fruits and herbs.

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